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The Cerberus of the New World Order and their diabolical agenda
We got to know you and are not afraid of you (anymore)!
By Rudolf Hänsel

A human being is by nature a social being, related to the community of fellow human beings, and has a natural inclination for the good. According to Thomas Aquinas this is "written in his heart" by the eternal law (lex aeterna). It helps him to better recognize what is right in nature. A human being is also autonomous and thus able to see himself as a being of freedom and to act from this freedom. This enables him to refuse obedience to "authorities". The free human being has the power to refuse (Adorno).

Equipped with these natural abilities, we humans should be able to stand up to a small group of ultra-rich and ultra-inhuman cerberus. They want to sell us the planned New World Order (NWO), which is in reality a satanic one, euphemistically as technical progress and "4th Industrial Revolution". In the past, these irresponsible psychopaths have instructed the governments of the world to let us citizens look briefly into the abyss by means of gigantic crimes. Since they revealed their diabolical agenda, we were able to get to know them – and are not afraid of them (anymore).

"They're not robbing a bank, they're going to be bank president"

If you comb through the biographies of the so-called elite of this world from politics, economy, military and partly also from science and art, this reads in places like pure "psychopathology", the doctrine of pathological changes in the life of the soul. The Canadian criminal psychologist and university professor emeritus Robert D. Hare lists a total of 20 criteria in his Psychopathology Checklist (PCL-R). Here is a small selection:

Tricky eloquent dazzlers with superficial charm, considerably exaggerated self-esteem, pathological lying, fraudulent manipulative behavior, lack of remorse or guilt, emotional coldness, lack of empathy, unwillingness and ability to take responsibility for one's own actions, parasitic lifestyle, etc., etc. (1)

According to Wikipedia, people with this personality disorder are not only overrepresented among criminals and in prisons, but also in higher hierarchical levels, about six times in leadership positions. For this reason, the founder of psychopathology research said: "They're not robbing a bank, they're going to be bank president." (2)

"Strength does not come from physical ability. It comes from an indomitable will."

The Indian lawyer, moral teacher and pacifist Mahatma Gandhi, from whom the quote originates, was able to show the world in the last century what a person with an unbending will can achieve. The Indian independence movement, of which he was the spiritual and political leader, took up his ideas of non-violent action and civil disobedience and in August 1947 reached the end of British colonial rule over India. Why should we, the citizens of today, not succeed in this?

On the role of the individual in a situation perceived as hopeless, the writer and philosopher Albert Camus wrote in a "Letter to a Desperate Man" shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War: "Every human being has a more or less large sphere of influence. (...). You can convince ten, twenty, thirty people that this war was not and is not inevitable, that not all means have been tried to stop it, that one must say it, write it if possible, shout it out if necessary! These ten or thirty people will pass it on to ten others, who in turn will pass it on. If you are held back by inertia, well, start again with others.“ 3)

So we have something in hand. A few months ago, when the WHO declared a worldwide epidemic (pandemic), most people initially became very afraid and reacted with a reflex of obedience, especially since this feeling of fear was stirred up by totalitarian governments from outside ("The diabolical "game" with fear as an instrument of domination") (4). But in the meantime the cerberus of the New World Order (NWO) have revealed their diabolical agenda. Thus, what is going on in the world right now is no longer an indefinite threat, but quite obviously the agenda of nefarious psychopaths.

This means that we citizens no longer have to be afraid, but can do everything we can to ensure that these human parasites will not succeed with their planned "scientific dictatorship" (Huxley) and their "Green New Deal", this so-called ecological turn of industrial society or 4th Industrial Revolution.

It is a great joy to observe how relatives, good friends and other fellow citizens are becoming more and more sensitive and are waking up more and more, because they want to look their children and their children's children openly and without shame in the eyes, when one day they will ask them what role they played in these difficult and obscure times.


(3) Marin, L. (ed.) (2013). Albert Camus - Libertarian writings (1948-1960). Hamburg, p. 273
(4) and

Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a graduate psychologist and educationalist.

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Die Zerberusse der Neuen Weltordnung und ihre diabolische Agenda
Wir lernten euch kennen und haben keine Angst (mehr) vor euch!
Von Rudolf Hänsel
NRhZ 749 vom 15.07.2020

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