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Wake up, Damned of this Earth!
The New World Order (NWO) Will be a Satanic One (SWO)
By Rudolf Hänsel

Meanwhile, the sparrows are whistling it from the roof: We live in a world in which our lives and fate depend on a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful, ultra-inhuman and obscure individuals. They have never been elected, are partially invisible and they are less than the 0.0001 % (Koenig) (1). Their goal is a New World Order (NWO), in which only they have the say. This New World Order will be a Satanic World Order (SWO), because it is directed against the welfare of all mankind.

To put the following in perspective, a quotation from Friedrich von Schiller should be mentioned first:

    "If no man will seek and spread the truth any more,
    Then everything that exists on earth is decaying,
    for only in the truth are justice, peace and life!"

The planners of the new Satanic World Order SWO, whose names most people now know, are quite obviously in league with Satan, the Prince of Darkness. Their delusions of grandeur and criminal actions are a clear indication of this. Many of them do not hide the fact that they are Satanists. With their depopulation programs such as mass vaccinations, biological weapons or highly toxic and radioactive war ammunition (DU), they want to eliminate a large part of humanity – and bring those who remain under their total rule and enslave them in a "scientific dictatorship" (Aldous Huxley).

For their plans they use, among other things, the "mind control technology". This includes microwaves, artificial intelligence, quantum computers, robotics, 5G, nanotechnology, identification chips and much more. With this, the new masters of the world not only want to satisfy their insatiable lust for power. With the help of ritual violence of satanic cults and a worldwide digital child molester network, they also live out their perverse urges.

Added to this is their philosophical line of thought of transhumanism, one of the most dangerous ideas in the world. Transhumanism seeks to expand the limits of human possibilities - whether intellectual, physical or psychological – through the use of technological processes.

These obscure individuals have strayed so far from the social nature of man that Peter Koenig calls them "Beasts" in the aforementioned article. This Beast, dear fellow citizens, has taken timely precautions and has had billions of taxpayers' money secretly built protective bunkers and reserves under the earth's surface – whether in New Zealand or under a German airport that has not been completed for years.

Not a single representative of this Beast wants to share its fate with one of the millions upon millions of unemployed. Or with a proud Bavarian shopkeeper who has to give up a formerly flourishing leather goods business with a heavy heart because no more customers come. Or with a still friendly waiter and family man of a time-honoured hotel restaurant in the centre of the Serbian metropolis Belgrade. He is currently trying to survive with around 250 euros in state aid, but does not know what will happen when this state aid expires on July 1 and the owner of the hotel can no longer pay him or fires him because the hotel has been bought up by a foreign speculator at a ridiculous price.

The final question is whether we citizens are really at the mercy of these satanic machinations of the Beast or whether there is hope and rays of hope. Surely it is unacceptable that many billions of people around the globe are at the mercy of a handful of serious criminals and accept and surrender without a fight.

However, we only have a chance for change towards the positive when we wake up, we "Damned of this Earth" and become aware that "No Higher Being, no God, no Emperor or Tribune" will save us. What does it say further in “The Internationale"? "To put us out of our misery, that is something we can only do ourselves." Wake up and have the courage to use our own intellect (Kant) and to disobey the global puppet masters and their governments (civil disobedience).

Only then will we be able to think about how to drag this Beast to an international court so that it is locked away for life. The "most significant and important lawsuit of the 21st century", which affects the whole world and can be accessed on the Internet (2), is already a ray of hope. All of the listed disreputable individuals whose names can be found on the Internet are here accused of "Crimes Against Humanity".

Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a graduate psychologist and educationalist.


(2) Parsa v. Google - Santa Clara Law Digital Commons
Case No.: 19CV2407 CAB AHG - Pinterest

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Wacht auf, Verdammte dieser Erde!
Die Neue Weltordnung (NWO) wird eine satanische sein (SWO)
Von Rudolf Hänsel
NRhZ 748 vom 01.07.2020

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