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Krieg und Frieden
Psychological notes on a fatal human weakness
Indolence of the heart
By Rudolf Hansel

For decades asymmetrical wars have taken place before our eyes, with grave consequences for the civilian population of the country and the entire environment. They are predominantly nuclear wars with "dirty bombs" and post-nuclear wars with plasma weapons, as well as weather wars and deliberate and large-scale interventions with technical means in geochemical or biogeochemical cycles of the earth (geoengineering). All these wars follow a secret geo-strategic agenda of the Hegemon to secure world domination. The depopulation of resource-rich regions, especially in the Middle and Near East, is the goal. The ruling elites do not even shy away from extinguishing all human life (omnicide). Since we citizens of the West, out of indolence of our hearts, let these crimes happen far away from our supposedly safe countries, their fatal consequences are now catching up with us. And so only a few generations remain to do something. We are responsible for what we leave to the next generation. But that does not seem to concern us.

"This is a crime against the planet, a crime against mother earth" (US-scolar 1991 in WEST3-TV on Gulf War - Arbeiterfotografie exibition "Alles Konfetti? Betrachtungen zum Golfkrieg", 1991)

Psychology of violence

During my psychology studies, I took part in a seminar on the topic "Psychology of Violence". On the question of who is to blame for the violence in the world, our professor had the following statement: The problem of violence has not been solved by mankind. An epidemic of greed and brutality in the economy and politics repeatedly lead to catastrophes such as war and terror, which kill millions of people like the plague of the Middle Ages. These fateful effects touch our lifeblood, but they do not shake us up, we remain lethargic. Foolish as we are, we continue to lull ourselves to safety as the dark clouds of violence gather over our heads. We are aware that we are settling on the edge of the volcano, but we hope that there will be no outbreak; the calming self-delusion is dearer to us than the thought of the danger. We want to forget about discouragement and we prefer to choose pleasure. But the pleasure principle is inapplicable to protect man's life, because reality wants to be recognized and understood: anyone who contradicts it will be either damaged or destroyed.

If we live in a world where war and crime are the order of the day, then we are complicit even when we are victims, because the world is just as we set it up or tolerated - in relation to already existing conditions. Nobody can escape responsibility. Thousands of injustices do not only happen “somewhere in Turkey”, but in our immediate vicinity, but we do not revolt, we do not defend the weak and do not help the helpless. The distress of mankind does not touch our hearts. By not fighting the violence, we endorse it. We have the deceptive hope that it will spare us. But the moment it breaks in on us, it is usually too late to contain. The illness, of which we have not cured the others, is killing us.

I remembered this decisive statement when I began to look at the destructive and devastating effects of past and present wars, with the continued use of illegal radioactive weapons as well as the role of us citizens.

News of ongoing war crimes have not stirred us up

"We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a New World Order." (President George Bush, 1991 - Arbeiterfotografie exhibition "Alles Konfetti? Betrachtungen zum Golfkrieg", 1991)

In 1991, we followed the second Gulf War in Iraq in the media. It was the most toxic war in world history, which devastated the environment the hardest, because the spread of 340 tons of highly toxic and radioactive uranium weapons had global repercussions. Among other things, these weapons were used to test the radiobiological effects of the fourth-generation nuclear weapons that were still in development (see Moret 2011). Although citizens were not fully aware of this, we heard from hundreds of thousands of fallen Iraqi soldiers and tens of thousands of dead civilians, as well as from burning oil wells and the bombardment of oil tankers and oil wells, destroying the desert ecosystem. Some years later we heard about the so-called "Gulf War Syndrome". Reason enough to publicly denounce these crimes and demand their immediate end.

In 1994/95, Bosnia-Herzegovina was first bombarded with uranium weapons in Europe, and three years later Yugoslavia. The aggressive war against Yugoslavia in 1999 under the cynical codename "Merciful Angel" was the blueprint for the subsequent wars of aggression. Germany as a NATO partner was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the breakup of Yugoslavia and the colonization of the Balkans. US interests in Yugoslavia were strongly linked to the construction of pipelines from Central Asia to the hot-water ports of Yugoslavia in the Mediterranean Sea (see Moret 2011). The German population at that time was deceived by the bold lies of its own government and its media and agreed to this war partly, where they could have guessed, that the bombing of refugee tracks, Danube bridges, TV stations and oil refineries cannot be the target of a "humanitarian intervention". In 2001, the US war began in Afghanistan. It soon became clear that this was not a war IN the Third World, but a war AGAINST the Third World. 800-1000 tons of depleted uranium (DU) were used. The most devastating thing, however, was that 100 percent of the depleted uranium in bombs and missiles is atomized on impact and released as an aerosol directly into the atmosphere (see Moret 2011).

"The worst in this situation is, that bombs have destroyed the necessities of life" (Milorad Perisic, trade union secretary of Alliance Vojvodina, Novi Sad) - Arbeiterfotografie exhibition "FRY - gezielt kollateral", 1999

The independent American geoscientist and international expert on radiation and public health, Leuren Moret, writes in an article "Uranium Ammunition: Trojans of the Nuclear War" about the startlingly similar parallels between the Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan wars: “In all cities, the television and radio stations as well as training centers were bombarded. (...) Cultural antiquities and historical treasures were captured as targets and destroyed in all three countries, a kind of cultural and historical cleansing, a collective and national psychical trauma. The permanent radioactive contamination and environmental devastation of all three countries has never been there and unprecedented, followed by a high increase in cancer and birth defects on these attacks. These will increase in the long term with unknown effects due to chronic stress and increasing internal radiation exposure to uranium dust. The genetic effects will be transferred to future generations. Clearly, that was from the beginning a plan to destroy the people, to commit genocide.”(2011)

In 1993 followed the third Gulf War against Iraq. The US lied to the world when they told President Saddam Hussein to be in possession of weapons of mass destruction. In fact, they themselves brought and used weapons of mass destruction in the form of uranium bombs. A few years later, I myself heard from a friend from Iraq about the tremendous crimes against the civilian population (including in Fallujah) and saw the first photos of malformed babies. Both have deeply affected me, but I did nothing further. But the wars continued: 2006 Lebanon war between Hezbollah and Israel, 2011 Libyan war, since 2011 Syria war and still war in Iraq and Afghanistan with further use of uranium ammunition in the fight against the IS (see Moret 2017). That weapons from DU were used for the first time in 1973 by Israel in the Sinai war against the Arabs under the supervision of the United States, I read for the first time in Moret.

The question why the US knowingly and willingly use highly toxic and radioactive uranium weapons ("dirty bombs") in the worldwide wars is answered by Moret as follows: "Washington uses DU as a deadly instrument to promote another secret geostrategic agenda (compare Brzezinski (1997)" The Great Chessboard ", author). (...) The use of depleted uranium weapons by the US, which slaps all international treaties in the face, is slowly destroying all living things on earth, including humans, and yet this country is pursuing the killing in full awareness of its destructive potential.” (2011) "The ruling elite," she writes on their website, "has been mobilizing secret nuclear wars since the Second World War for the purpose of depopulation, under the pretense of carrying out atmospheric tests ‘for the national Safety'"; (...).

We citizens in Germany did not know all war crimes, but we would have been able to get a more accurate picture with the help of alternative media and relevant books, if we wanted to know the truth. But the war, with all its unspeakable horrors, was far away from us, and we did not think it possible that the released toxic and radioactive uranium oxide particles could give us radiation as well - despite our experience with Chernobyl in 1986. So it remained with most of us with deep dismay and shame that we had fallen for the manipulation of political clowns. We remained in lethargy with a lack of empathy to empathize with the immeasurable suffering of the victims - in an indolence of the heart (Toller 1978).

Today we are facing the collapse of our environment and an omnicide

Leuren Moret, a radiation expert, describes DU as "the weapon that continues to kill": "The half-life of uranium-238 is 4.5 billion years, the age of the earth. And when uranium-238 breaks down into its radioactive secondary elements in four stages, it releases more radioactivity at each step before it becomes lead. There is no way to turn it off. (...) After the formation of insoluble microscopic and submicroscopic uranium oxide particles on the battlefield, they remain as suspended matter in the air and travel as radioactive constituents of the atmospheric dust around the earth, contaminating the environment, killing randomly, mutilating and causing disease in all living, where rain, snow and moisture wash it out of the atmosphere. (...)”. (2011) Radioactivity respects no boundaries, no social classes and no religions.

Rosalie Bertell, a US physician, biometrician and environmental activist who won the Alternative Nobel Prize in 1986 for her book on the dangers of radioactive contamination of the Earth, speaks of an omnicide: “The concept of species annihilation, means a relatively swift, deliberately radiation-induced end to history, culture, science, biological reproduction and memory. It is the ultimate human rejection of the gift of life, an act which requires a new word to describe it, namely omnicide.” (In: Moret 2011) (We are talking here about the destruction of Mother Earth by uranium weapons. You cannot ignore the levels of the new warfare. Bertell summarizes them as plasma weapons, weather wars, and geoengineering.)

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms the prognosis of the two women scientists. Accordingly, the number of cancers worldwide is rising drastically. WHO expects by 2030, more than 21 million people to contract tumors each year. Therefore deaths from cancer will rise from 8.2 to 13 million as well. On World Cancer Day 2017 WHO stated: "The cancer burden in the WHO European Region continues to rise and represents a tremendous physical, emotional and financial burden on those affected, their families and their environment, as well as for the health systems. Despite efforts in prevention, screening and therapy, cancer mortality increased by 6.6% between 2000 and 2015 in all parts of the European Region.” (Regional Office for Europe)

There are only a few generations left to do something

"The continued use of these illegal radioactive weapons," writes Leuren Moret 2011, “which have already contaminated large areas with radiation - and will continue to contaminate other parts of the world - is indeed a world matter and an international challenge. (...) It is a matter for all world citizens to put a stop to uranium wars and future nuclear wars that cause irreversible devastation. It only remains a few generations before the collapse of our environment, and then it will be too late. We cannot be healthier than the health of our environment - we breathe the same air, drink the same water and eat the same food.” Rosalie Bertell comes to this conclusion already in 1982: “Our collective life-gene pool, which has evolved over hundreds of millions of years, has been seriously affected in the past 50 years. The time we have left to reverse this culture of the 'death of the lemmings' is decreasing. What do we want to tell our grandchildren in the future what we did in the prime of our lives to reverse this death process?” (In: Moret 2011)

35 years later, she said in an interview on "Radioactivity and the Extinction of Life - Are We the Last Generations?”: “What we are doing right now is that by introducing errors into DNA or the gene pool, we are reducing the number of viable generations on our planet. (...) We have reduced the survivability of living systems on the planet, whether our planet recovers from these interventions or not. We have no extraterrestrial source that can provide us with new DNA. (...) We are responsible for what we leave to the next generation. (...) It seems that our generation does not care about the future. This is not our heritage. Our heritage is to leave something better for our children than we have received. But that does not seem to concern us. (...) We will certainly have to raise our voice, (...) (Bertell in interview 2013).

A current voice is that of the "International Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Ican)". It was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on October 6, 2017. But we can all raise our voices as we overcome the indolence of our hearts. On the role of the individual in a hopeless situation, the writer and philosopher Albert Camus wrote in a "Letter to a Desperate One" shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War: "Everyone has a more or less extensive sphere of influence. You can convince ten, twenty, thirty people that this war neither was inevitable, nor is inevitable, that not all means have been tried to stop it, that we have to say it, to write it if possible, to scream it out if necessary! These ten or thirty people will tell ten others, who in turn will spread it. If indolence holds you back, well, start over with others from scratch.” (2013)


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Anmerkung: Die deutsprachige Originalversion des Artikels ist mit dem Titel "Trägheit des Herzens – Psychologische Anmerkungen zu einer fatalen menschlichen Schwäche" in der NRhZ 633 vom 18.10.2017 erschienen (

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